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Carolina Wealth Management is an independent, fee only registered investment advisory firm committed to helping plan sponsors design and maintain a best in class retirement plan. Our belief is the foundation of each relationship determines its destiny.

Benchmarking Analysis

The "lost decade" of investment returns combined with the United States Department of Labor's (USDOL) emphasis on fee disclosure has made it more important than ever for plan sponsors to understand the impact fees have on retirement plans. The most effective method of identifying the strengths and weaknesses of any retirement plan is to benchmark it against the marketplace.

Carolina Wealth has always taken a proactive role in helping plan sponsors identify and control fees, discover better investment opportunities and increase service levels through our plan benchmarking process.

Our commitment to constant improvement is your advantage!

Fiduciary Compliance

CWM embraces the fiduciary role. This role includes:
  • Knowing standards, laws and trust provisions

  • Diversifying assets in a prudent manner

  • Preparing Investment Policy Statement (IPS)

  • Selecting "prudent experts" for all service providers

  • Monitoring the activities of the "prudent experts"

  • Avoiding conflicts of interest and prohibited transactions

Our commitment to the Fiduciary Standard of Care is your advantage!

Plan Design

In a world of out of the box solutions the benefits of a flexible plan design have been lost. At Carolina Wealth, we believe a flexible Plan Design is the foundation for a successful retirement program.

Our commitment to understanding the needs of the plan sponsor along with the ability to think outside the box allows us to help plan sponsors design plans more effectively. We work with Plan Sponsors to make certain that plan design is not a limiting factor in the success of the retirement program.

Our attention to detail is your advantage!

Communication / Education

The core of our philosophy is education. Employees are the fuel that feed the retirement plan engine and, ultimately, the beneficiaries of their own decisions. CWM makes a commitment to it's clients that employee education will always remain a focus.

Our education model is your advantage!

Investment Analysis

Let's face it, great investments are the lifeline of any retirement program. A plan sponsor can partner with the best service providers, but if the investments do not perform, participant outcomes suffer.

Carolina Wealth has a defined, prudent investment process. This process allows us to provide clients with the best investment selections based on research, not commission received by utilizing a particular mutual fund or share class.

Our prudent investment process is your advantage!

Provider Searches / RFP

ERISA clearly imposes a fiduciary duty on plan sponsors to prudently select and monitor the plan's vendor and ensure that the fees charged to the plan in connection with the vendor's services are reasonable. Conducting a vendor search every three to five years helps the plan sponsor satisfy these responsibilities. While the vendor search process may initially seem burdensome, following a few best practices can mitigate the inconveniences, and the benefits quickly overwhelm the burdens.

At Carolina Wealth we are committed to helping plan sponsors conduct independent thorough Vendor Searches / RFP designed around the needs of the plan rather than some predetermined critiera. Each plan is unique and should be treated as such when evaluating potential vendors.

Our commitment to independence is your advantage!

Building A Better 401(K)

Carolina Wealth Institutional is dedicated to providing our clients with a retirement plan platform:

  • Utilizing prudent investment options
  • Offering unbiased plan sponsor and participant education
  • Assisting plan fiduciaries in managing their responsibility
  • Maintaining a fully transparent fee structure.

Let's Get Acquainted

We offer a complimentary "Get Acquainted" meeting to describe our services, and to see if our services are right for you.


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