An Independent
Financial Advisory Firm.


Investment Management

The economic markets of today are rapidly changing.
  • Design

    We analyze and monitor the movement of stocks, bonds, mutual funds, etfs, and money market funds to focus on proper asset allocation models.

Retirement Planning

Disciplined retirement planning builds a clear path to your financial security.
  • Planning

    We help you establish realistic outlines and investment recommendations for managing your financial priorities both now, and in the future.

Simply Better Financial Advice

Carolina Wealth Management, Inc. is an independent, registered investment advisory firm. Our primary goal is to educate individuals about today's financial markets in order to help them plan for a secure financial future. As a fiduciary, we utilize a prudent investment process focused on the individual not the investment product. Our personal service and dedication to client needs set us apart from the competition.

In providing these services to our clients:

  • We are committed to doing the right thing – always.

    We have taken great care in hiring quality people with excellent professional backgrounds.
  • We insist the adviser's primary concern is the client's financial well-being.

    Therefore, we believe that investment advice should come from an adviser whose compensation does not depend on commissions paid by the sale of a particular investment product.
  • We strongly believe in investment education.

    We want our clients to understand what we do and why. We believe that an educated investor is an asset to our industry and an "investment-educated" client is a client for life.


Unlike many advisors, we never accept sales commissions; instead, we charge a reasonable fee.


We offer customized, non-proprietary solutions solely in our Clients’ best interest.


We are committed to these principles. They direct our fund management, our investment programs and our financial advice.

Let's Get Acquainted

We offer a complimentary "Get Acquainted" meeting to describe our services, and to see if our services are right for you.


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SEC Registered Investment Advisor.
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