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The Triangle Business Journal and the National Association of Board Certified Advisory Practices NABCAP recently honored Carolina Wealth Management, Inc. as one of a select group of Premier Wealth Advisors in the region. This independent review evaluated advisory practices representing many companies from the region before choosing the selected practices to be designated as Premier Wealth Advisors and listed in the Triangle Business Journal and designated to the Top Area Wealth Managers/Advisors List*.

The National Association of Board Certified Advisory Practices (NABCAP) is a nonprofit organization created to establish mutually understood standards and practices among both investors and advisory practices. Their primary mission is to educate and inform the investing general public with reliable, unaffiliated, unbiased and completely objective educational resources and information. Given the chaos and uncertainty of our current economy and the Financial Services Industry, we believe investors can benefit from a trusted resource to help guide their financial well-being.


The methodology behind selecting the Premier Advisors is multi-step verification process that utilizes independent resources to objectively account for the accuracy and consistency of advisory practices. Comprehensively evaluating and validating twenty categories within a financial advisory practice distinguishes our process. NABCAP's methodology is unique in deciphering advisors because it is primarily objective not subjective. The Board's attention is centered on investor's financial needs and an advisory practice's probability to service those needs. Both investors and advisors can now rely on a trusted standard of excellence to help guide them within the Financial Services Industry.

The fact that we’re on this list is humbling, because we never would have got there without our clients.  This award means a great deal to us, because it really comes from people like you.  We appreciate your continued trust [and friendship] as this is something we’ll never take for granted. 

So there is the news that has all of us smiling.  Now that we’re here, we don’t ever want to see our names taken off the list.  We’ll continue working hard at servicing, educating and providing for you.  They say that staying at the top is harder than getting to the top, but we plan on staying where we are for a long, long time. 

*Triangle Business Journal 6/28/2013 NABCAP Insert

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